Top 10 Mai Tais of 2021 so far…

Happy National Mai Tai Day. Not to be confused with the Mai Tai Day celebrated by Trader Vic’s on August 30. Since the date coincides with the end of 1st Half of 2021, we present the top Mai Tais so far this year. Note: a couple of these establishments were limited to a single entry, just so we can highlight more places with quality Mai Tais.

1. “Fritch’s Four” Mai Tai at Smuggler’s Cove
Four of the five rums from the rum flight that’s a tribute to our dear friend Alex Fritch. The mix of high-quality and aged rums was worth the upcharge and even better than the Cove’s already excellent Mai Tai.

2. Mai Tai Fighter by Smuggler’s Cove at Sessions
A special Mai Tai for the “May the Fourth” event on the Lucasfilm campus, featuring a dark rum float.

3. San Francisco Mai Tai at Trader Vic’s indoors
Speaking of dark rum floats, the SF Mai Tai is pretty great and was extra special our first time indoors at Vic’s this year.

4. The Kon-Tiki Room
A very strong Mai Tai from Oakland’s newest tiki bar.

5. Tonga Hut Palm Springs (“all Coruba and heavy Orgeat”)
If you see the list of ingredients on the menu you can ask for subs that better suit your palette.

6. Kon-Tiki Mai Tai with Transcontinental Guadeloupe rum
A Mai Tai is a great way to sample a flavorful rum.

7. The Reef (“heavy Orgeat”)
Yacht Rock night was a great time and the Mai Tai was pretty good too.

8. Trader Mort’s Mai Tai at Ketch
A to-go Mai Tai with Trader Vic’s rum that I enjoyed on vacation.

9. Bamboo Club
Our first time at Bamboo Club included a refreshing Mai Tai.

10. Forbidden Island w/Appleton 12
I completed the Kill Devil Rum list with Appleton 12 in a Mai Tai. Delightful.

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