The History of the Mai Tai and Tropical Essays

The History of the Mai Tai

The History of the Mai Tai – our long-form essay telling the story of the Mai Tai from 1944 to the present

Trader Vic’s History of the Mai Tai (circa 1970)

1956 Mai Tai

1958 Mai Tai

Q. B. Cooler

Peter Seely Interview (Trader Vic’s grandson, circa 1998)

The Mai Tai Hits the Big Five-0 (circa 1994)

Famous Dirty Stinkers (circa 1999)

Beachbum Berry’s Wiki Wiki Mai Tai Mix

Tropical Essays and Features

The focus on our site is Mai Tais but we do find space for other related tiki and cocktail interests. We have several essays hosted here.

Harry Yee, King of the Tropical Cocktails

The Search for the Ultimate Navy Grog

5 Bottle Rum Challenge