National Mai Tai Day at Foundation

So lucky to have spend MaI Tai Day at Foundation in Milwaukee, one of America’s best tiki bars.

Mai Tai and Lonely Virgin

The decor and atmosphere were impeccable. Outside, this looks like any building on the block. Inside, it is an immersive tiki bar that compares favorably to any of the highest quality. Music was classic Hawaiian and very mellow, so perfect for background music while you s your party enjoy conversations and cocktails. I really liked the music here. So many little nooks for conversations, including some cozy booths. Seating at the bar still isn’t available but there is a front room and a back room and their seating areas feel separate and unique.

Cocktails were pretty good, especially for the price. Mrs Mai Tai had the Lonely Virgin, one of the sweet cocktails on the menu. I thought this was pretty good, especially if you like pineapple forward.

Foundation’s Mai Tai is fine for $10, featuring El Dorado 5 and Coruba. I followed this with an Appleton 12 Mai Tai “heavier on the Orgeat” and that one was far better and truly wonderful. Such a great way to celebrate Mai Tai day.

We arrived around 6:30 on Wednesday and the crowd was fairly light. By the time we left at 8:15 the bar was mostly full with a bunch of younger people enjoying the cocktails and company. We even witnessed a first date. Good luck to them!

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