Happy Barbados Independence Day

Mai Tai Monday celebration with a couple fine aged rums from Barbados, who became independent from the UK on this date in 1966.

The Mai Tai is made with two examples of the rum blending tradition in Barbados. No sugar or additives, just aged Rum. Real McCoy is super affordable and Mount Gay XO is a fine rum worth splurging a little bit for. I love them both.

Glassware by B-Rex

Mount Gay Pot Still Rum

This isn’t a new release but I finally decided it was the right time to go pull the trigger on this limited 2019 release from the Master Blender Collection. This aged pot still rum is delightful and is a great comparison to all the other Jamaican Pot Still rums in my collection. This too has the same heavy flavor (even at 48% ABV) but it is … different. There’s a plum note that is a noticeable departure from the banana notes most typical of the Jamaicans.

And in a Mai Tai? The same pot still characteristics do punch through the cocktail. I definitely would not confuse this Mai Tai with one made with Jamaican or Martinique or Demerara rums.