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Kevin Crossman at Trader Vic'sThe Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai is produced by Kevin Crossman. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Email: maitai@kevdo.com

About this Website

The Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai started when the original website launched in late 1998. We implemented a crude interactive website and received review submissions from Mai Tai fans globally. But, that website ceased active production a few years later and sat dormant for many years.

In 2016, I became more actively interested in Tiki again and began to experiment with cocktails. This interest was largely sparked by 50th birthday that was coming up in the spring of 2017, and the theme for the party was “Hawaii 5-0.” In December 2017 we relaunched the Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai as an Instagram account with the goal to post daily. Two-plus years later, after consistent posts on Instagram, we are now re-launching the Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai website.

For more information about the background of the website, watch the interview on the Tiki with Ray video show (filmed July 2019). Or the Tiki Blogging profile on the Tiki with Ray Blog.

About Kevin Crossman

Kevin Crossman is a Bay Area native. He has previously produced the niche websites Lip Balm Anonymous and Frat Pack Tribute and was also the host of the Frat Pack Tribute Podcast, which was nominated for a Podcast Award for Best Movie Podcast. Kevin was also the co-host for the That’s What She Said podcast about NBC’s The Office.

Recently, Kevin has written articles, contributed cocktail recipes, and provided photographs for articles in Exotica Moderne magazine.

He has also written several long-form guest posts on the Tiki with Ray blog.

An IT Manager by day, Kevin has spoken at several recent Microsoft Ignite Conferences, and been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) from 2016 to present.


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