Kill Devil 2.0 Rum List Completion

The Forbidden Island Kill Devil Club is a loyalty program for customers who complete their Kill Devil rum tasting lists. There’s the basic list which covers a broad selection of 100+ rums. I completed the first list in March last year.

The Kill Devil 2.0 list features hard to find, allocated, and rare rums that are generally longer aged and are often limited releases (thus, more expensive). For this reason, the 2.0 list changes over time as bottles are emptied and no longer available. The latest release of the 2.0 list came out in November and that’s when I started the list of 60 rums and 5 wildcards, most of which were consumed at home thanks to Forbidden Island’s To-Go program that’s still going strong.

For completing the 2.0 list, you get this cool limited edition mug from Outl1n3 Island. And of course the fame of a ceremony led by FI’s Michael Thanos. Thanks to Brenda for the photos.

This was a pretty good list, even if I didn’t love some of the Central and South American releases that often included added sugar. Though, I must say I was super impressed by the Diplomatico Pot Still expression. You should always end these lists on a good one, so my final rum was Mt. Gay XO LE Cask Strength, a rum I knew I’d love.

I kept tasting notes and ratings for each rum sampled, and this is the list of the rums rating 4 or 5 stars.

Admiral Rodney Officer’s Release ****
Ak Zanj 10yr ****
Blackadder Hampden ****
Cadenhead’s Diamond 14yr *****
Clairin Vaval ****
Diplomatico #3 Pot Still ****
Don Q Single Barrel 2005 ****
Facundo Eximo ****
Foursquare 2009 ****
Foursquare Exceptional Cask ****
Holmes Cay Mhoba 2017 *****
Holmes Cay Uitvlugt 2003 ****
Holmes Cay Wedderbum 2011 ****
Lost Spirits Polynesian ****
Mt. Gay XO LE Cask Strength ****
Mt. Gay Origins Copper Column ****
Mt. Gay Origins Copper Pot *****
Real McCoy 14yr LE Cask Strength ****
Transcontinental Australia *****
Transcontinental Fiji *****
Transcontinental Guadeloupe ****
Transcontinental Jamaica ****
Trois Rivières Spéciales Reserve ****
Vaval Clairin Ansyen Oloroso Cask *****

Best Rum from the List:
Cadenhead’s Diamond 14yr, a delicious pot still release from the Diamond Distillery in Guyana.

Thanks to the team at Forbidden Island for helping me with the rum list, filling the little bottles, and pouring the rum in person.

Forbidden Island / Forbidden Ohana Silent Auction for Universal Aid for Children of Ukraine

So pleased to attend a fabulous event last night at Forbidden Island, where there was a silent auction to raise money for Universal Aid for Children of Ukraine. The event was organized by Jenny and Chad Martens and included a host of items donated by members of the community as well as a few local businesses.

The event ran from 6:00 – 9:00 and also included a special cocktail called the Molokai Molotov also sending proceeds to the charity. The cocktail represented Ukraine’s blue and yellow colors, and featured two layers. Yellow layer: Lemon, Pineapple, Cruzan Light Rum, Simple Syrup. Blue layer: Giffard Blue Curacao, Rum Fire Overproof Jamaican rum. Each layer was fantastic and put together was even better. Like a Blue Hawaii but with extra oomph from the Rum Fire. I loved it.

The event raised thousands of dollars. I walked away with a bottle of the Trader Vic’s Royal Amber Rum (donated by Trader Vic’s), and a couple books including the hard-to-find 2nd edition of James Teitelbaum’s seminal Tiki Road Trip. Mrs. Mai Tai walked away with the cute tiki pillow.

Such as great event and very well-attended. Thank you to the entire Forbidden Island crew for helping with the event and the speedy service on such a busy night. Everyone did a great job.

Boozy Cocktails at Forbidden Island

Had a really great couple of cocktails at Forbidden Island the other night. I started with a vintage cocktail, the Tradewinds. FI’s preparation was quite nice and I enjoy this cocktail that’s a combination of citrus, coconut creme, rum, and apricot brandy.

Next up was the Bombo, an old fashioned riff that features Forbidden Island’s barrel selection of Balcones Rum from Texas. The rum is high proof and very full flavored similar to Jamaican or Demerara rums. The cocktail features the Balcones rum over crushed ice along with dark brown sugar and fresh nutmeg on top. It was really outstanding.

Forbidden Island Parking Lot Sale

Great time today for the return of the Forbidden Island Parking Lot Sale after a one year absence. Very efficient entry for both those with indoor or outdoor reservations, plus people like us just there for the sale. Some good vendors this year and we bought a vintage print from Tiki Tommy.

The $10 entry is good for a drink from the outdoor tiki bar. The batched cocktail options were a Jet Pilot, Royal Hawaiian Cocktail, and a classic Mai Tai. Got to say the two cocktails were quite good! Both Mrs Mai Tai and I both enjoyed them.

The Parking Lot Sale is taking place 2-7 pm Saturday and Sunday, so come by if you’re local. Vendor space is about half from previous years but lots of great stuff to look at and purchase.

Peynkiller by John Peterson

Yes, it is spelled correctly.

Do you like Peychaud’s Bitters and coconut and high proof rum? Then you will love this off-menu AngoColada riff by Forbidden Island’s John Peterson that is full of tropical flavors.

It’s really great to try something new and when it is so well done.

John posted the recipe in the Tiki Recipes Facebook Group.

1.5 Peychaud’s bitters
1.0 pineapple juice
.75 lime juice
0.5 Rum Fire
0.5 Pierre Fernand Dry Curacao
0.5 Coco Lopez
.25 orgeat (homemade)
Flash blend with crushed ice and a couple agitator cubes. Open pour into your vessel of choice. Garnish with ground cinnamon + nutmeg, as well as a sprig of mint.

Balcones Rum: FI Barrel Edition

Got to try this new rum last night at Forbidden Island. It’s rum from Balcones Distilling (makers of Texas Whiskey) and the Forbidden Island edition is a spicy pot still rum that isn’t half bad. The representative compared it to Jamaican rum, which is honestly a bold move to compare yourself to the world’s best rum (I expect nothing less from a Texan). But, I give those folks from Texas credit for swinging for the fences.

The rum is quite potent, bottled at cask strength. Give it a try the next time you’re at Forbidden Island. There is a “general public” release this Friday 5/21 from 5-7 p.m.

There are a couple cocktail specials using this rum. I tried the “Over the Falls” with citrus, spices, orgeat, and absinthe. This is a wonderful tropical cocktail and while you definitely taste the absinthe it doesn’t overpower. What might be more than you expect is the ABV – this is a very boozy cocktail! Quite delicious though.

Ohana Night at Forbidden Island

Fantastic time tonight for Ohana night at @ . This was our next toe-dip back into indoor dining and it was so nice to see so many familiar faces at Forbidden Island tonight. Wasn’t quite like the before times (hello, marks!) but still some fabulous FI cocktails and hospitality.

Mrs Mai Tai had the Chi-Chi, while I indulged with a classic Mai Tai with Appleton 12 and Plantation Xaymaca. It was a very good Mai Tai! Along with the Guac and Chips and an Ester Williams tropical movie on the TV, it was just like old times.