Peynkiller by John Peterson

Yes, it is spelled correctly.

Do you like Peychaud’s Bitters and coconut and high proof rum? Then you will love this off-menu AngoColada riff by Forbidden Island’s John Peterson that is full of tropical flavors.

It’s really great to try something new and when it is so well done.

John posted the recipe in the Tiki Recipes Facebook Group.

1.5 Peychaud’s bitters
1.0 pineapple juice
.75 lime juice
0.5 Rum Fire
0.5 Pierre Fernand Dry Curacao
0.5 Coco Lopez
.25 orgeat (homemade)
Flash blend with crushed ice and a couple agitator cubes. Open pour into your vessel of choice. Garnish with ground cinnamon + nutmeg, as well as a sprig of mint.

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