Great Cocktails at The Fink in Napa

We followed dinner at Wilfred’s with some drinks down the street at The Fink, located at the Napa River Inn. We love the relaxed atmosphere, themed inside as a trading port that fits in perfectly with its location on the Napa River. It was Saturday and found most tables full but were able to snag the last booth. The Fink staff was really timely with the service and suggestions.

The menu is laid out very nicely with a geographical orientation, including the tiki themed LA to the Bay section. Since our last visit, the cocktail menu has grown to include cocktails related to New York City and New Orleans. We highlighted the excellent Mai Tai the other day, but all the cocktails here were really great. Despite the full house on a weekend, there was no hooting and hollering, and we were truly able to relax and share time with friends.

Our server was accommodating in providing some Fink swizzles upon request, so we had to salute The Fink himself on our way our the door. If you’re in Napa, don’t miss having some drinks or bar bites The Fink.

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