Maximum Aloha Cocktail and Rum at Wilfred’s Lounge

Had a great time at Wilfred’s Lounge in downtown Napa on Saturday for dinner and drinks. We love the dishes here and our coconut shrimp were so huge and delectable. Definitely the best coconut shrimp we’ve had in a long time. The Fried Rice portion is huge and tastes great especially when you add a protein like chicken. Our service was first class all the way.

Maximum Aloha

Cocktails remain high quality here, including a very good Mai Tai that’s not too sweet and rich with flavor. They use Jamaican and Martinique rums, which to me lean a little too far in the grassy agricole direction. Still, it’s a winner. Less great for me was the Mai Tai inspired Tai One On, a stirred cocktail that had rum but also amaretto. There was something about the flavor that I didn’t like.

Everyone loved the Maximum Aloha, of which several rounds were ordered. This fruity cocktail remains stellar thanks to a balance of flavors that isn’t too sweet and features an incredible banana coconut cream topping. You can also order a neat pour of the Maximum Aloha rum, which is Tanduay and Rum Fire that has infused strawberries. The rum isn’t too sweet but you sure get that great strawberry color. It was a treat to have this rum neat.

The upstairs patio has some more permanent seating and also includes a fire pit and small Moai. Great views, as always.

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