Strong Water Anaheim: Orange County’s Best Mai Tai

We tried to go here back in January, but our reservation was cancelled at the height of the omicron surge. So we tried again for a reservation at opening last Friday. Thankfully, we were able to make it in.

Strong Water is a nautical themed tiki bar, which made three nautical bars in a row for us, after The Sinking Ship and The Warehouse. Strong Water’s decor is more set decorated and leans a little more Victorian in style, but it is still quite impressive. We were sat in the Captain’s Quarters in the back, and thanks to our 5:00 reservation we shared the space with only one couple on the other side. This deep immersion was a complete “leave the outside world behind” scenario including music that was was on point, including some 40’s era standards.

There is a strong bar and food program here, and we enjoyed the meal (I had the Loco Moco Burger). We also indulged with the Thai Tea Cheesecake and Caramel Ice Cream. So decadent.

Our cocktails were also quite excellent, including Orange County’s finest Mai Tai featuring Hamilton 86 and Pot Still Black rums. I also enjoyed the Tales from the Black Lagoon which combined butterscotch and banana flavors so well. Mrs. Mai Tai like the Meihana and the Taro Colada.

Mai Tai

Staff were super friendly and we did have a few moments to talk to our bartenders, always nice if it happens. The destination is popular, so reservations are essential to be seated indoors. There’s a parklet outside, but isn’t nearly as immersive.

So glad we finally got to visit Strong Water Anaheim.

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