The Warehouse: Closing in late 2022

The world-famous Warehouse restaurant has been a Marina Del Rey institution for decades, but we heard it likely will close around November this year, so we decided our visit was long overdue. We’re so glad we got to check it out before it closes.

Not really tiki, but sharing many of the immersive and grand elements of many tiki bars, The Warehouse has an elaborate nautical theme and an impressive two-stories of decor. We sat inside but overlooking the charming Marina Del Rey harbor, in seats that appear to have a two-hour limit and 15% service fee attached, but nonetheless we enjoyed lunch by the water. There are crates and boxes and nautical elements throughout, and there’s even a charming pond out front with koi and turtles. You can spend 25¢ to buy some fish food just inside the lobby and it is a lot of fun to feed the fish.

There’s plenty of seafood on the menu, and we enjoyed our special meal. There are a few cocktails and I tried their “often imitated but never duplicated original…” Mai Tai, which was pretty much a run of the mill Island Mai Tai, though this was above average for the genre. There are some other cocktails that come with a Barrel or Crate mug and those were both affordable and pretty nice looking if mugs are your thing.

If you’ve never visited, now is the time because it won’t be around for much longer. You gotta visit and support these special destinations where you can.

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  1. You scared me when I read this. Would hate to see another “tiki” temple disappear. But it appears to still be operating.

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