Mai Tai with Appleton Hearts 25 Year-Old Rum

Per the previous post, I simply love the Appleton Hearts 1995 Jamaican Rum. I’m not afraid to put expensive rum in a Mai Tai when I think the results would be a luxurious treat (example: Hampden Great House). But I was a little reluctant for this bottle, less I “spoil” any of the rum in a cocktail when I could instead savor it while tasting it neat.

So, I split the difference and made a half-sized Mai Tai with Appleton Hearts 1995.

Part of it was to think that maybe I was getting close to the original J. Wray & Nephew 17 year-old Jamaican rum that was used by Trader Vic in the first Mai Tai. Since Appleton is part of the Wray & Nephew company, I figured this 100% pot still release aged 25 years would be similar to the original Wray 17.

So, can you notice this rum in a Mai Tai?

Yes. Yes you can.

Does it make an amazing Mai Tai?

Yes. Yes, it does.

There are few examples of showing how a rum can shine in a cocktail like this release. You taste the cocktail and initially it tastes similar to any Jamaican rum. But then the flavor hits you and it completely overwhelms your tongue with flavors. So much to taste, and it lingers forever.

That might be the only Mai Tai I ever make with this amazing rum, though. It is simply even better when sampled just by itself.

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