The Best Mai Tai in Orange County

Admittedly, this is not based on exhaustive research. But, I did find the Mai Tai at The Cellar in Fullerton to be quite wonderful.

After we bailed on traveling from Phoenix to Vegas, we hightailed it to a location with a marine breeze. After our jaunt to the Disneyland Hotel, we met up with one of Mrs. Mai Tai’s longtime friends at The Cellar in Fullerton. This cave-like experience was wonderful and significantly more condusive to conversations than the similarly themed Undertow from the previous night. Great cement “rock work” from Disneyland Imagineers circa 1969.

The cocktails at The Cellar were pretty good. The off-menu Mai Tai was rich and flavorful, with a thick mouthfeel. I also tried the Tropic Thunder, served in a gigantic barrel mug for two, though you can ask for a single serving (and a lot more ice). That one wasn’t quite as good but hid the bourbon base quite well behind passionfruit and banana. Mrs. Mai Tai enjoyed her cocktails as did her friends.

Food was expensive and small portioned, but service was outstanding.

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