Strong Water Anaheim Remains One of the Best SoCal Tiki Bars

This was our third visit to Strong Water Anaheim and we were seated in the main room at a table near their water feature, with this visit reinforcing the previous visits: Strong Water has amazing cocktails, food, and service within an incredibly immersive space. Reservations are almost always required and we made them in advance to meet up with some friends. We were celebrating Mrs. Mai Tai’s birthday and the fine folks at Strong Water provided a little daiquiri shot on the house.

I had the house Mai Tai with Demerara rum and Jamaica rum and found it once again to be an excellent cocktail, very well-balanced with the rum shining through. I also experimented with The Clementine Gambler, a Strong Water original named after the street address, featuring overproof Jamaica rum and Yellow Chartreuse and boy was it fantastic. Mrs. Mai Tai had the Taro Colada which is a nice riff that includes Coconut and Spiced rum plus Taro cream.

Our friends enjoyed the Loco Moco Burger and since we already had dinner Mrs. Mai Tai and I shared the delightful Coconut Cheesecake that includes Lime Zest to great effect.

For such a popular place, the noise volume inside is quite reasonable. You can hear the people at your table, along with the vintage tropical music, and not a bunch of loud screaming hooligans like you do at some places. This is how we like to appreciate the escapist charm of tiki bars, and Strong Water is one of the best is Southern California.

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