Yes Cocktail Co. Orgeat

We picked this up at a craft faire in SF last month. Yes Cocktail Co. has a number of syrups and also has sugar cubes with infused bitters. We won’t be doing a full review of the latter except to say that as sugar cubes they don’t dissolve easily all, rendering them unsuitable for “saving a step” by including the bitters.

More successful is Yes’s Orgeat. This craft syrup tastes great just by itself and is pretty good in a Mai Tai. I made a Mai Tai based on the recipe on the label, using Appleton 8 as the blended aged rum. This recipe only uses ¾ oz lime juice and omits any additional sugar syrups. It made a good Mai Tai, albeit more milky in consistency than some orgeats, though I think I’d have preferred a heavier pour of orgeat and a full ounce of lime juice. Comparable in taste and consistency to Liber & Co.

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