Walnut Creek Yacht Club Mai Tai

After some cocktails and apps at Tiki Tom’s we walked over to Walnut Creek Yacht Club for dinner. For those who are unfamiliar, Walnut Creek is a land-locked city in Contra Costa County in the East Bay Area. So, the “Yacht Club” is a theme or maybe an ironic name, not an actual place to dock your yacht.

We enjoyed our dinner and I had an incredible Lobster Roll. Our service was very prompt and friendly, and this place is so popular that reservations are recommended. Prices are a little high, commiserate with quality.

The WCYC has a nice cocktail menu including a 1944 style Mai Tai. The Mai Tai includes Cruzan Spiced Rum, Appleton Reserve Rum, Orgeat, Ferrand Dry Curacao, and Lime Juice, along with a float of Coruba Dark Rum in the spent lime shell. Far better than the average suburban restaurant, and far better than we’ve had at a lot of places (even if it doesn’t compare to the Ultimate Mai Tai over at Tiki Tom’s). They also serve a Mary Pickford that we thought was pretty good as well.

Lobster Roll

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  1. I’ve worked in the restaurant business for over forty years in all positions including busboy on up to general manager. The Walnut Creek Yacht Club in by far the best restaurant that I have ever been to. The chef/owner is amazing, a hard working, creative and inovative sole. The product served is of the freshest l have ever seen and the highest quality. I recommend anyone to subscribe to the newsletter and attend their special dinner events that they offer. They are a special treat!

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