Trader Vic’s Mai Tai in Truckee

The Search for the Ultimate Mai Tai takes you to unexpected places.

Mrs Mai Tai were traveling to Reno to see Belinda Carlisle in Sparks so we stopped in Truckee for lunch. We enjoyed lunch at the eclectic Squeeze In cafe.

Just down the street there’s a restaurant called America’s Bar, which is owned by the Gar Woods restaurant group that has several restaurants in the Tahoe/Reno area. Which means that they serve an authentic and fully licensed Trader Vic’s Mai Tai. They also have a property in Sparks.

Man I love me a great Trader Vic’s 1944 Mai Tai. This one used crushed ice and had a superb flavor, just like you get at Vic’s. Freshly squeezed lime on top does really help too. You know it is authentic by the glass and Menehune. I’ll cut a bit of slack on the mint given the venue’s location.

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