Tiki Ti: Still Packing in the Crowds

I has been a few years since we last visited Tiki Ti and we made a point to go this time. We arrived 30 mins before opening and after sweating outside in line we finally made it in. Super crowded at opening especially with the long line, but luckily we knew what we wanted to order and so I went to the far end of the bar where bartender Greg Bansuelo was waiting for orders.

Service is at the bar but Greg got our drinks going quickly. I wanted to try a Ray’s Mistake and Mrs Mai Tai had the Lemon Head that had been recommended and one to try. Honestly I didn’t feel either were life changing but a couple cool tropical drinks inside after being out in the hot LA sun for a half hour definitely helped. There was some good energy inside, but also kind of crowded and warm so we only stayed for the one drink.

We congratulated Mike Buhen Sr on still being able to pull in the crowds after all these years. There are so many things to look at inside, and you can feel the history here. Glad we made it this trip and I hope to visit again soon – maybe later in the evening when it’s dark and cooler.

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