Tiki Iniki – Best Tiki Bar on Kauai

Located in upscale Princeville, Tiki Iniki presents the most cohesive tiki bar experience on Kauai. While purists will bemoan the windows and the patio, there are large portions of the restaurant that are quite dark and in the bar where we sat the windows were small and underneath the roofline.

The poke and chicken plates we ordered for lunch were quite good, and the service from host and waiter Todd was exemplary. Tiki Iniki is owned by rock musician Todd Rundgren and his wife Michele, and there’s a great painting of the rocker that puts all other tiki bar owners to shame.

Cocktails were … okay. Based on recommendations I ordered the Vic’s Top Shelf Mai Tai with Martinique and Jamaican Rum. I found it to be quite tart, though it did improve a little after some dilution. I ordered a second just with the Denizen rum and “heavy orgeat” and it was better but still leaning on the tart side (they use Fee Brother’s Orgeat). Mrs. Mai Tai’s Iniki cocktail with citrus, rums, syrups, and Prosecco was better.

There’s a fairly large rum selection here, and decor from Bamboo Ben that impresses. There are some new Tiki Farm mugs that include Tiki Iniki branding and we took one to go, along with a little shot glass and a t-shirt. The restaurant has a bunch of little spaces for tables that include peacock chairs, and well-appointed artwork.

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