Kill Devil 2.0 Rum List Completion

The Forbidden Island Kill Devil Club is a loyalty program for customers who complete their Kill Devil rum tasting lists. There’s the basic list which covers a broad selection of 100+ rums. I completed the first list in March last year.

The Kill Devil 2.0 list features hard to find, allocated, and rare rums that are generally longer aged and are often limited releases (thus, more expensive). For this reason, the 2.0 list changes over time as bottles are emptied and no longer available. The latest release of the 2.0 list came out in November and that’s when I started the list of 60 rums and 5 wildcards, most of which were consumed at home thanks to Forbidden Island’s To-Go program that’s still going strong.

For completing the 2.0 list, you get this cool limited edition mug from Outl1n3 Island. And of course the fame of a ceremony led by FI’s Michael Thanos. Thanks to Brenda for the photos.

This was a pretty good list, even if I didn’t love some of the Central and South American releases that often included added sugar. Though, I must say I was super impressed by the Diplomatico Pot Still expression. You should always end these lists on a good one, so my final rum was Mt. Gay XO LE Cask Strength, a rum I knew I’d love.

I kept tasting notes and ratings for each rum sampled, and this is the list of the rums rating 4 or 5 stars.

Admiral Rodney Officer’s Release ****
Ak Zanj 10yr ****
Blackadder Hampden ****
Cadenhead’s Diamond 14yr *****
Clairin Vaval ****
Diplomatico #3 Pot Still ****
Don Q Single Barrel 2005 ****
Facundo Eximo ****
Foursquare 2009 ****
Foursquare Exceptional Cask ****
Holmes Cay Mhoba 2017 *****
Holmes Cay Uitvlugt 2003 ****
Holmes Cay Wedderbum 2011 ****
Lost Spirits Polynesian ****
Mt. Gay XO LE Cask Strength ****
Mt. Gay Origins Copper Column ****
Mt. Gay Origins Copper Pot *****
Real McCoy 14yr LE Cask Strength ****
Transcontinental Australia *****
Transcontinental Fiji *****
Transcontinental Guadeloupe ****
Transcontinental Jamaica ****
Trois Rivières Spéciales Reserve ****
Vaval Clairin Ansyen Oloroso Cask *****

Best Rum from the List:
Cadenhead’s Diamond 14yr, a delicious pot still release from the Diamond Distillery in Guyana.

Thanks to the team at Forbidden Island for helping me with the rum list, filling the little bottles, and pouring the rum in person.

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