Hula’s Island Grill

Mrs. Mai Tai and I made a side-visit to Monterey on the way home from Paso Robles and checked into Hula’s Island Grill for Lunch. After all the imbibing the night previous, it was Shirley Temples rather than cocktails for us (we do love those cherries). Service was spot on but it was a bit too cool for Hula’s fine back patio.

We had a great lunch in a little nook next to some framed vintage photos and even saw a framed version of the Barack Obama Birth Certificate.

2 Replies to “Hula’s Island Grill”

  1. I was there just 6 days earlier! And I ordered their Mai Tai for you. They use pineapple juice in their house recipe and it…does not improve on the traditional mai tai specs unfortunately.

  2. I get why they go this way by default, given the Hawaiian theme and menu. But I wish they’d list both a 1944 style and Island style Mai Tai on their menu, like many places do.

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