Diplomatico Pot Still Rum

Regular readers will know that Jamaican Rum is my favorite and that I prefer heavy, flavorful rums without sugar added. So, the “Spanish style” rums that are lighter and (from some countries/distilleries) have added sugar aren’t usually the ones I normally go for (though, I do have a sweet spot for Pampero Aniversario).

I was so pleased to try this release from Diplomatico that is based just on Pot Still distillate, one of the rums I’m trying from the Forbidden Island Kill Devil Club 2.0 list. I’ve never been impressed by Diplomatico’s releases up to this point and find the added sugar usually imparts flavors that I don’t think are palatable. But this Pot Still release is quite good. Still not as heavy as rums from Jamaica, but definitely hefty enough to savor and figuratively “chew on” for a while. Check it out.

Diplomatico Distillery Collection Pot Still Rum

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