Our friend is gone

I’m completely devastated by the senseless loss of Alex Fritch, a victim of yesterday’s VTA shooting in San Jose.

I first met Alex and his wife Terra in 2019 and we became fast friends. Each of us have specific talents or interests, but Alex? He was the life of the party. Always there with a friendly quip, a kind word, or to make a funny face when you’re taking a selfie. The consummate host. The guy you wanted to sit at the bar with.

One of my fondest memories was going over to Alex’s home bar and doing some Orange Curacao taste tests and a photo shoot for the blog. I had finally found a friend to nerd out with on this rum and cocktail stuff. Now he’s gone.

Deepest sympathies to Terra and their kids.

There are tall ships,
And there are small ships,
And there are ships that sail the sea,
But the best ships, are friendships,
So here’s to you and me!

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