Visit to Aku Aku in 2017

Three years ago today I was in Orlando for a conference and took some friends to Aku Aku in downtown Orlando. Even on a Saturday night, the bar had a mellow vibe and our group had some great drinks and better conversation.

Unfortunately for me, we went to the bar shortly after I arrived from my flight into town, so I hadn’t eaten much. This wasn’t such a big problem, until I was “encouraged” by the group to get the bar’s signature (but still off-menu) cocktail, The Tiger Fucker. This huge cocktail is well-balanced and delicious, but does contain Jalapeño. I don’t do spicy very well. And there’s a lot of booze, too.

The Tiger Fucker cocktail

I was feeling it the next day.

I visited Aku Aku again last year and had a great time again. If you’re in the area I’d urge you to make the effort to travel to Downtown and check it out.

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