Foursquare 2007

Foursquare Rum

Cracked open the 2007 to compare to the 2004. Both are wonderful high proof aged rums from Foursquare in Barbados. This is a rum for rum lovers. Aged and complex and at 59% ABV it is definitely not watered down. The 2004 is aged 11 years, the 2007 for 12 years.

Both are outstanding. The 2007 had a little bit more of a toasted coconut flavor but overall these are similar rums with oak, vanilla, and caramel notes. The 2004’s bottle is less elaborate and has a screw top, while the 2007 has a cork.

The 2004 is really hard to find these days but the 2007 is fairly available at fine liquor outlets and even at some Total Wine locations. If you want to try an aged rum without any added sugar this is a great expression to explore.

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