Ink Blot Cocktails at Anonymous Shrink’s Office in Prague

There are several Anonymous bars in Prague, themed around the Guy Fawkes / V for Vandetta related Anonymous movement. The Shrink’s Office offers craft cocktails but the selection is unique and compelling.

Rather than being presented with a traditional cocktail menu, the staff hands you a series of cards with ink blots on them. This Rorschach Test is all you have to go on to choose your cocktail, though there’s a two or three word description on the back. That’s it. That’s all you have to go on to order the cocktails.

The Anonymous vibe is in full effect when the drink is brought to your table, though otherwise the staff aren’t masked. They did a good job walking us through the menu and asking if we had any allergies. After we were served they did describe the ingredients of the cocktails, for example the milky coffee cocktail was more than a mere Espresso Martini. This complex drink had sherry and cherry liqueur along with coffee to make quite a nice and different cocktail. Our other two drinks were also really great.

A second menu is available where they provide a portable CD player with some songs to listen to, and there’s a retail component with some very good spirits available. Small bites are also available for order in this basement bar.

Anonymous Shrink’s Office is located in Prague 1, and has a speakeasy entrance inside the Bulletproof Bar. We loved Prague and this was one of the highlights.

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