Delicious Dinner at Trader Vic’s Emeryville

Had a delicious meal at Trader Vic’s a couple weeks ago. We always start with the heavenly Peanut Butter spread that has a unique flavor and pairs well with crackers. We almost always have the Cheese Bings or Crab Rangoon as appetizers but skipped them this time.

The feature entree for me was the Island Fried Rice, which includes chicken, char sui pork, and pineapple. I would say that I’m not the biggest fan of fried rice generally but Trader Vic’s version is really great. There is a very nice blend of ginger and garlic flavors with a balanced amount of egg. It also worked really well to soak up the Mai Tai and Fog Cutter that I had that evening.

Dinner in the Lounge at Trader Vic’s has a certain energy, especially on the weekends when it’s busy and as they did for us they sometimes seat you here in order to get you seated more quickly. And there’s plenty of eye candy in the lounge, too. We probably do prefer the dining room for a longer meal, though, even if we have to wait a little longer to be seated.

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