Small Hand Cocktails Mai Tai Revisited

I took another run at the bottled Mai Tai from the craft cocktail arm of syrup company Small Hand Foods. The cocktail is made with Hamilton Rum, orange liqueur and of course Small Hand’s orgeat. The bottle is 25% ABV so this compares well to a freshly made cocktail and I assure you it is not lacking in flavor or potency. The 200ml bottle is around $11 and serves two-ish cocktails.

The rich flavors of the Small Hand Cocktails Mai Tai is similar to a Mai Tai you might get at a craft cocktail or tiki bar, with an assertive flavor profile that balances the tart citrus notes and the bold rum from Hamilton. As such this is probably best suited for seasoned craft cocktail drinkers. Serving over ice and getting some dilution in the glass is strongly recommended, but I didn’t feel the need to add lime juice or anything else like I sometimes feel the need for with other RTD Mai Tais.

Regular readers know that I’m not a fan of Small Hand’s orgeat, which to me has an unusually strong taste that doesn’t taste “almond-y.” Nonetheless, this does provide a very satisfactory Mai Tai that’s ready to drink anytime you want it.

These Small Hand Cocktails are available at Good Eggs and some Total Wine locations, plus discerning liquor stores, though I think this Mai Tai may be not as common and some of the other expressions in their line. I bought mine at Wine on Piedmont in Oakland.

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