Recipe: Cherry Pie Tai

This Mai Tai riff from Nathan Robinson was a delicious twist on an old favorite. It’s especially nice if you’re looking for something else to use with Cherry Heering liqueur. I love the combination of blended Demerara rum and a bit of Rhum Agricole from Martinique. Delicious, give it a try.

My only gripe is the name. Shouldn’t it be “Cherry Pai Tai”?

Cherry Pie Tai by Nathan Robinson
¾ oz Lemon Juice
½ oz Orgeat
¾ oz Cherry Heering liqueur
1½ oz Demerara Rum (pref Hamilton 86)
½ oz Rhum Agricole Blanc (pref JM Rhum Blanc)
Shake with nice and garnish with a cherry

3 Replies to “Recipe: Cherry Pie Tai”

  1. I’ve got the goods and will make this tonight, thanks. Speaking of riffs, have you come across any gin mai tai variations apart from the Royal Hawaiian?

  2. Good question James. Honestly I haven’t been seeking out Gin variants, and since the Mai Tai (like the Daiquiri) is so tied to rum it is rare to see other spirits used apart from the different spirit variants from Trader Vic’s (Honi Honi, et. al.)

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