Stray Pirate is Las Vegas’ Latest Immersive Experience Bar

We missed the opening of Stray Pirate by a week on our last visit and were glad we made it this time. This is a tiki-inspired bar with a stray dog/pirate theme. The dogs are pirates and you are in the hold of the ship, a fun variant of the nautical themed bars that seem to be popping up everywhere lately. Technically no tikis but you probably won’t miss them even if you’re a fan of the tiki bar genre.

There are plenty of spaces to hang out, thanks to the large bar one side, large tables on the other, and small tables running through the middle. A couple immersive booths are at one end and a photo spot on the other end near the restrooms. The decor includes “underwater” screens and lots of thematic paintings of pirate dogs. We loved the vibe inside and totally felt relaxed. The location in Vegas’ Arts District means you can browse eclectic shops before or after your visit and even do some bar hopping if that’s your thing.

The Stray Pirate cocktail menu is very small but I’m pleased to report their Mai Tai with Jamaica and Martinique rums is fantastic. The rums aren’t aged much, if at all, but the flavor of the Mai Tai is full bodied with a long finish. Mrs. Mai Tai’s Get It Kraken was a fantastic blend of Cachaca and coconut, and they have a respectable selection of premium rums and other spirits.

Stray Pirate is a fun bar with an immersive theme and great cocktails. It’s another great destination in Las Vegas.

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  1. Thanks for the visit and the kind words about the bar and the cocktails! Working on a new coconut cream recipe as we speak, so we hope those cocktails to be even better! Cant wait to see you next time!

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