Brunch at Las Vegas’ Popular Golden Tiki Bar

We were in Vegas with tiki newbies and they wanted to try a tiki bar. My initial opinion was backed up by an overwhelming result on an IG Stories poll so we went to The Golden Tiki. We had checked the day before and they had reservations free for seemingly every time slot but when we arrived we were told it was standing room only at the bar. This seemed disappointing and with a little pleading we got seated because I’m guessing someone missed their noon reservation. It does appear that reservations should be strongly considered for any visit here with a group of more than two.

There are some nice brunch items, including waffles and several really great breakfast burritos. Our server was great at working with our entire party.

Drinks were better than last time. My Blue Lagoon was pretty good and I found the Mai Tai to be better than last time too; I really wish they’d switch from Giffard Orgeat, which I find somewhat unpleasant. I also had a nice side of Smith & Cross rum and when our friend asked for a 151 shot to float it was a Demerara 151, better than something like Cruzan 151. Our cocktails were all prepared well.

The venue is a feast for the eyes and our friends loved all the little touches (including the risqué ones in the restroom). A DJ was playing Yacht Rock and even took a couple requests.   A good time was had by all.

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