Evening Visit to The Warehouse

We popped in last week when we arrived in Marina Del Rey for some apps and drinks. Things were decorated for the holidays and this was our first visit at nighttime so it was cool to check the dark vibe inside. We enjoy the retro vibe and immersive boxed crate and nautical decor, and hope the rumors of its closing don’t ever come true. We’ll see what happens in 2024.

I ordered the Barrel of Rum, with light rum, dark rum, and 151 rum – plus lots of pineapple. It actually wasn’t too bad, though they were out of mugs that you would normally get to keep. Mrs. Mai Tai ordered the Tipsy Mermaid with Midori, vodka, coconut water, pineapple, and soda; she didn’t care for it but I thought it was kind of nice.

Not really a true tiki bar, we still enjoy visiting The Warehouse.

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