Craft and Classic Cocktails at Livermore’s Nightcaps at Rosetta

Finally made it out to check the cocktail offerings at Nightcaps at Rosetta in downtown Livermore. This is a coffee place named Rosetta Roasting during the day and transitions to a cocktail/desert (and yes, coffee) place during the evening. The back portion is dimly lit to set the mood. We think this would be a great place to hit before or after dinner.

There are plenty of classic cocktails on the menu, such as a Bee’s Knees, Martini, and Whiskey Sours. There’s even a nice 1944 Mai Tai that is prepared well and features traditional flavors. It didn’t bowl me over but for the venue and clientele it is perfectly reasonable.

We didn’t partake but there were a whole series of pies and cheesecakes that looked fabulous, and we could see the coffee being prepared as well as the cocktails. There’s also a small retail component with holiday offerings right now. Check it out next time you’re in downtown Livermore.

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