The Beachcomber, Queensway

We landed in Heathrow early in the morning after a red eye flight and we were zonked the entire day. An afternoon nap seemed to refresh us and we headed to The Beachcomber for dinner. They have a large selection of Rhum Agricole and serve Thai food via the Horapha restaurant two doors down.

We had the place for ourselves for a little while and got to take in the space. Not high tiki by any means, the Beachcomber is certainly doing a lot of things right. The basement level shuts out the outside world and we enjoyed the tropical elements and big screen showing island travel footage. Music was a blend of mellow Blues (Etta James, Alicia Keyes). Great back bar full of rum and rhum.

The off-menu Mai Tai is made with Agricole and is very well balanced and light and refreshing. You can do a happy hour special with Thai Curry. We also enjoyed the Salamander Sling for two that’s a Singapore Sling riff with Hibiscus syrup (we asked for it to lean heavy on the syrup). Our food was pretty good and the staff was super friendly and prompt.

If you’re looking for tiki in London, be sure to check out The Beachcomber.

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