Goodbye, Skipper Rum

This Demerara Rum has been one of favorites of the genre, issued at a robust 45% ABV and being miles more flavorful than Pusser’s or Lemon Hart 1804. It’s a blend of seven rums, all aged for at least three years.

But, sadly, Skipper seems to have exited the U.S. market. Even worse, the Skipper Rum available in the U.K. is only at 40% ABV. So, tonight was the series finale.

As the bottle ran out, I made a Mai Tai and found it to work very well alongside some chewy Liber Orgeat. That’s the Mai Tai in the tall glass pictured.

And finally I made a Daiquiri (not pictured). This was fantastic when paired with some Liber Demerara Syrup. “The best in this rum world?” Oh that Daiquiri was pretty damn close.

Skipper Rum Mai Tai

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