The CanTiki in Glendale

I heard about this new Cantina/Tiki hybrid bar opening a few months ago, and CanTiki was right on the way back from dinner so we stopped in to check it out. It’s located on Glendale’s busy Brand Blvd, though a few blocks down from where most of the restaurants and bars are. Thus might explain why it was kind of slow when we visited.

Kill Mai Pain

Service at the bar was friendly nonetheless and we explored the menu. First things first, this isn’t a tiki bar. It’s a bar with a tiki inspired cocktail program. There are lots of choices and you can tell they’re trying to do something different with the cocktails.

I had doubts about the Mai Tai/Painkiller hybrid Kill Mai Pain that featured a hodgepodge of ingredients and also had a float of Cruzan Blackstrap rum (had I realized that was there I would have asked for a sub or chosen a different cocktail). It wasn’t bad but not that memorable. I should have tried the Fly for a Mai Tai available on tap, which seems like a more traditional take.

Banana Hammock

Much better was Mrs. Mai Tai’s Banana Hammock, an inspired Daiquiri riff that included a couple rums, Giffard Banana liqueur, and Aztec Chocolate bitters. It was quite good.

There are a few tables and a few booths, and everything inside is painted black. All the pillows in the booths had some sort of Nicolas Cage imagery on them, which we found interesting. The Christmas tree was left over from a Christmas in July promotion. There were a few drink specials and it does seem like they frequently partner for food pop-ups, so check their social media for the latest updates.

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