Oasis on the Beach’s Classic Mai Tai

This beachfront restaurant was recommended so we snagged a reservation at the tail end of happy hour and carried it over into dinner service. Connected to the Waipouli Beach Resort in Kapa’a, Oasis by the Beach has a farm-to-table edict and a focus on local ingredients.

The Classic Mai Tai features three rums, lime, lilikoi, and house made almond and macadamia nut orgeat. Served with the dark rum as a float (pretty…) our waiter smartly suggested giving it a quick stir. This was an okay Mai Tai, just felt a little thin to me. It played well with my pork wontons with ginger-soy dipping sauce.

Much better were our fresh fish dinner options. I had a seared Ahi on top of Okinawan sweet potato puree that was simply amazing and totally worth the $42. Our service here was excellent, with our waiter suggesting that the fish is recommended to be served with a light sear (“medium rare”) but could be served as we wished. I went with medium well (if you judge me, I don’t care). The waiter also recommended some beer options and overall was extremely welcoming.

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