Jet Pilot at Dr. Funk

Several people ordered these when I was there on Thursday, but it was too much booze for me to have that night, so I picked one up on an impromptu visit on Saturday. This off-menu cocktail seems to be made to classic specs, using good ingredients that Dr. Funk is always known for. Fantastic, so layered and flavorful.

For dinner, I did the chicken skewers again and Mrs. Mai Tai and I split the Nacho Fries which were pretty good. Julie had the mushroom curry she’s had before and says it is still  very good.

Dr. Funk’s new outdoor bar space is open now on the weekends starting at 8 pm. Dubbed “Bootleggers Bay,” the venue’s menu includes the full food menu from Dr. Funk and a smaller selection of cocktails: Daiquiri, Mojito, Scotch Colada, Mexican Firing Squad, Caipirinha, Bitter Hurricane, Spanish Paloma, and Mai Tai – plus several beer options. Plenty to choose from considering the party crowd I’m sure will be present.

Menu photo via @socy.delreal stories

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