Paradise Cooler

I had some Blood Oranges and thought I’d try using them in some cocktail recipes that normally call for Orange Juice. First up is the Paradise Cooler, from the Total Tiki app for iOS. According to the notes from Beachbum Berry, this recipe comes from the Denver Hilton, circa 1960. I thought that this cocktail with Cherry Heering might go well with the Blood Orange juice. At least the color would be consistent.

Paradise Cooler
1 oz Orange Juice (sub blood orange)
½ oz Lime Juice
½ oz Falernum (Pearl’s homemade)
¼ oz Cherry Heering
1 oz Light Rum (Denizen 3)

This wasn’t bad, and the Falernum was a nice addition (I used Pearl’s Hideaway Fancy Falernum No. 1, made by Laura Murphy). But with only 1 oz of light rum there wasn’t a lot of character to this cocktail.

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