Shake the Lime in the Tin?

What’s wrong with this picture?

Well, certainly not the amazing Skull & Crown Trading Co. glass designed by Robert Maurer  I love this glass that celebrates the best tiki bar within thousands of miles. If you’re in O’ahu and you skip Skull & Crown, you’re doing it wrong.

Anyway, back to Mai Tai Monday. I’ve seen conflicting advice regarding whether or not to shake the spent lime shell with the other liquid ingredients and ice in a Mai Tai. Some say it adds too much bitterness, others say it brightens up the cocktail. Well, I gave this a try and I have to say that the Ultimate Mai Tai tasted really amazing that night. You can see the lime shell down inside the cocktail.

But, I haven’t done extensive research or comparison testing. Anyone have any real-world experience on this?

Lastly, when you do shake the lime, do you fish it out to use as the garnish? Or do you use the other half of the lime to garnish?

I miss the lime shell…

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