Top Mai Tais of 2021: Number 4, SF Mai Tai at Trader Vic’s

Each year we celebrate the 10 best Mai Tais that we had the pleasure of tasting in the last 12 months.

Number 4: San Francisco Mai Tai at Trader Vic’s (Emeryville, CA)

The SF Mai Tai is a standard Vic’s Mai Tai with a float of 151 rum. I love the flavors of the Trader Vic’s Mai Tai, including the freshly squeezed lime on top, but the the 151 rum adds additional complexity and flavor to the cocktail, besides being extra boozy. So while I do enjoy the standard 1944 Mai Tai, the SF Mai Tai is now my go-to. 

We had a lot of great Mai Tais at Vic’s this year, including some specially prepared with some exotic rums from the well-stocked back bar. Bartenders are friendly and never balk at the rum substitution. 

Vic’s hosted several special events this year including merchandise partnerships with Shag and Sven Kirsten.

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