Harbor Hut in Morro Bay

Finally got to visit Harbor Hut this past weekend. You can see there are good Polynesian bones here, even if the food is basically standard steak and seafood. There are a number of tikis and nautical elements on the properly, and the indoor space is well appointed with tiki artwork and an aquarium. The outside Lil’ Hut is open for Fish & Chips and similar quick service offerings.

Mrs. Mai Tai and I stopped inside for a drink in their bar in the early afternoon. Their signature cocktail is The Big Kahuna aka “The Ultimate Mai-Tai” and was the largest Mai Tai I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t too bad if Island Mai Tais are your thing, and the rum in the float tasted great. The Cucumber cocktail Mrs. Mai Tai had was merely okay.

This place clearly isn’t “high tiki” but isn’t bad for what it is. Staff was friendly, and while that bar doesn’t have too many seats there are plenty of tables in the lounge. The main dining room has great views of Morro Rock.

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