BG Reynolds Mai Tai Mix

I’m a big fan of BG Reynolds products and have used and liked many of the cocktail syrups. So, I thoughts I’d give their Mai Tai Cocktail Mixer a try.

This is a “just add rum” mixer, unlike other Mai Tai mixes that require you bring both rum and lime to the party. The label calls for 3 oz of Mai Tai Mix and 1½ oz of Aged Rum. Ingredients are Water, Sugar, Orange Juice, Lime Juice, Almonds, Almond Extract, and preservatives. The rum used is Denizen Merchant’s Reserve, a good aged rum made for Mai Tais.

The cocktail is light and refreshing, but there’s not a lot of almond to taste and it’s too heavy on the OJ for my preference. Might be a good base for a punchbowl at a party, if you’re willing to add a little extra orgeat and maybe add some smoky Demerara rum to the blend.

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