“Juice of One Lime”

Always measure your citrus in cocktails.

This lime gave over two and half ounces of juice! Enough for one big Mai Tai and one regular one.

“Juice of one lime” from the original Mai Tai recipe is an in exact measure. Use 1 oz or maybe ¾ oz in your Mai Tai, whichever is your preference, but in either case to provide consistency be sure to measure exactly.  Always.

We do have documentation on what Trader Vic considered the correct amount of lime juice in a Mai Tai, though. In his 1974 book Rum Cookery & Drinkery it is noted on page 96 that “Juice of one average Lime = 1 ounce.” So, if you’re following Vic’s standard recipe 1 ounce of lime juice is the correct measurement. 

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