Halekulani Mai Tai for Ohana Zoom

I enjoy doing the Zoom social hours, even if I spend all day in video conferences at work. The drinks are better, that’s for sure.

The cocktail is the Halekulani Mai Tai, a unique 1944 style riff featuring a dark rum float that makes this look more like an Island Mai Tai.

House without a Key Mai Tai, Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki
1 ¼ oz Lime Juice
⅓ oz Orgeat
⅓ oz Rock Candy Syrup
⅓ oz Orange Curacao (Cointreau)
¾ oz Bacardi Select/Black Rum
¾ oz Bacardi Gold Rum
Float ½ oz Lemon Hart 151 Rum

Delicious! My favorite Mai Tai on Waikiki.

Glassware by The Kon-Tiki in Oakland

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