Painkillers for Two

I had fresh pineapple juice and fresh orange juice, so no better time to make a Painkiller. This is the kind of drink that Mrs. Mai Tai tends to prefer so I made it a little larger with a little more OJ and rum and then split this into two glasses. I like this cocktail with a lower Pineapple ratio so I’m going to keep this ratio going forward.

Painkiller (serves two)
3 oz Pineapple Juice
2 oz Valencia Orange Juice
1½ oz Coconut Creme (Liquid Alchemist)
3 oz Pusser’s Gunpowder Proof Rum
Shake with crushed ice and pour into a tall glass. Garnish with ground Nutmeg and Cinnamon.

It has been too long since I’ve had a Painkiller. This one was really great with that fresh juice and the flavorful and high-proof Pusser’s rum.

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