Happy World Rum Day

It’s also National Mojito Day, but while I’ll happily order a Mojito at a restaurant when there are no better choices, you know that’s not really my drink. Instead I’m choosing to celebrate World Rum Day (the second Saturday in July). This important occasion was christened just last year by Paul Jackson of worldrumguide.com.

The Mai Tai tonight is a traditional 1944 Mai Tai with the most expensive rum in my collection – Foursquare 2007. It’s delicious. Of course, as a rum-forward cocktail it stands to reason that this fabulous rum would serve as a great base. And at ~60% ABV it backs a punch, too. Everything coming out of Foursquare right now is amazing, and though some of their expressions are priced at a premium I feel good about the quality of the spirt in the bottle.

The glass is by The Kon-Tiki in Oakland, where I sampled 100 rums and completed the Kon-Tiki Expedition late last year. They’ve got a great collection of rums and someday I’ll be able to sample more of them.

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