Hay Straws

Let’s talk about straws

I finished the bottle of the old Appleton Reserve, so I had to have one last wonderful Mai Tai. But I also got to test out some new straws.

I greatly prefer drinking cocktails using thin cocktail straws, unless the cocktail is blended. I just feel like it gives me more of an opportunity to slowly pass the liquid over my tongue. My supply of red plastic cocktail straws was finally depleted and the larger straws just weren’t doing it for me (don’t get me started on metal straws – not for me). And while I could get more red plastic cocktail straws, we all know why that’s not a good environmental choice.

So, I picked these Hay Straws. They have the diameter of the old red plastic ones, but without any of the chemicals. Supposedly gluten-free and all natural. 100% compostable. They worked out really good, good. Way better than the larger diameter plastic or paper straws for being able to drink my Mai Tai the way I like. The straws held up pretty good too, even when I took my time drinking this Mai Tai.

Learn more: HAY! Straws

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