Original Home of Trader Vic’s – 2020 Update

The original home of Trader Vic’s

We swung by 65th and San Pablo Ave in Oakland on our way to Trader Vic’s the other day to go check out what’s happening. And like the past few years, there isn’t much. But starting in 1934, this was the home of the original Trader Vic’s location and where the Mai Tai was created in 1944.

Two palm trees used to flank the entrance, but sadly only one remains. The last time I visited in October 2017 one of the trees was still standing, though without fronds. It seems to have been cut down in the meantime. Someone is still maintaining the grounds here, though, as there aren’t tall weeds growing anymore and the graffiti is painted over.

The lot is still for sale. If you’ve got $500,000-750,000 burning a whole in your pocket you might still be able to buy it.

Historical photo of Trader Vic’s in Oakland

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  1. Update on the missing dead palm and stump mentioned in this article. Sometime in 2018 the tall, dead palm was cut to about 4 feet. In early 2020 I acquired the final remaining 4′ stump. In Jan-Feb 2020 Ignacio “Notch” Gonzalez, of Top Notch Customs in San Jose was commissioned to carve it into the Palm Tiki of Trader Vics. The Palm Tiki was mostly finished in June of 2021 (though Notch still has some details to add). It is available for use at some events for display.

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