RTD Mai Tai that does not suck!

Ready to Drink (RTD) cocktails are trendy now, but don’t have a good reputation amongst cocktail snobs used to crafted cocktails with fresh juices and top-shelf spirits. Count me into this group of snobs.
But I am here to tell you that the On the Rocks “The Mai Tai” is actually pretty good. The bottle is 375ml at 40 proof, so more than double the booze in a regular can of beer. Served over ice, this would be quite fine to share with a friend.
The label says this features a blend of light and dark rums from Cruzan, along with a blend of flavors including orange, pineapple, orgeat, and coconut. This is the first RTD Mai Tai where I’ve been actually able to taste orgeat, and it’s quite good. Personally, I’d drop the hint of coconut but at least it does not overpower the cocktail. I enjoyed drinking this.
You’re going to pay for the quality, though. This one bottle retails for around $13, which is similar to the four pack of 12 oz cans from Cutwater.

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